There are many ways to get involved! Take a look at the list below for ideas or let us know if you have other ways you’d like to help.

Ways to Get Involved

Bake cookies.

Our volunteer teams take cookies to dancers. If you love baking, this is one way you can support our outreach.

Write encouraging notes.

We share handwritten notes to encourage and uplift the dancers we visit. We’ll give you some examples to get started.

Join an outreach team.

Visit clubs and casinos to build relationships with women and help them know they can reach out for support.

Host an educational event.

Create a training opportunity at your business or church. We’ll help you help you learn how to spot and prevent trafficking in your area.

Answer our intake line.

We have a 24-hour phone line for women who need immediate assistance. You’ll be trained to answer the phone and help women get to safety.

Provide transportation.

Drive women to our safe home. By providing transportation, you can empower women to leave exploitative situations.

Become a Brand advocate.

Share our message and vision with friends and followers through social media and other platforms.

Host a fundraiser.

Give friends and family a chance to become part of our mission. Hosting an event can increase impact in our community. 

Share your professional skills.

Are you a social media pro? Great at planning events? Learn more about the type of help we currently need.

Additional questions?

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